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Gandrell “Ghosthand” Edhelorn

Gandrell Ghosthand

Race: Half-elf (moon elf/common man)
Culture: Half-elf
Profession: Mystic
Training Packages: Adventurer, Amateur Mage, Warlock

Armor Type: No Armor (1)
Defensive Bonus: +23
Hits: 52

Primary attack OB: +87 (+20 magic quarterstaff “Ghoul’s Touch”)
Secondary attack OB: +39 base spells (+49 “Fm”)
Tertiary attack OB: +90 directed spells (shock/water/fire bolt)

Power Points: 43
Spells: Knows all Mystic base to 5th level. Knows 4 Open and 4 Closed lists to 5th level.

Stats: AG100(+12), CO87(+6), ME69(+0), RE90(+5), SD90(+3), EM92(+6), IN49(+0), PR93(+10), QU75(+6), ST80(+5), AP95(+7)


“The Ghoul’s Touch”: +20 magic quarterstaff. +20 to Directed Spells casting. Daily 3 charges item. 1 charge to:

  • Inflict an addictional Stun critical of equal severity of primary crit.
  • Paralyze foe for 1rnd/10 failure (lvl vs lvl attack).
  • Cast Shock Bolt I as per the spell of the same name.


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